INRouTe Position Paper – European Statistical Programme

The European Council launched a Public Consultation on the European Statistical Program and INRouTe took the opportunity to make a contribution about the need of a statistical framework for measuring tourism at subnational level adapting the 2008 International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics (IRTS) and anticipate or address issues that occur at subnational levels, including at local tourism destinations, such as the problems of congestion and overtourism.

Advocating for a subnational tourism statistics framework

March 2021 has been a great month for our core focus: tourism statistics. There have been many interesting events and milestones, such as:

A side event of the Statistical Commission that we recommend you to watch if you were not able to follow it live is “High Level Discussion on Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism”, a side event to the United Nations Statistical Commission 52nd session. In this event UNWTO presented their advances in the initiative entitled: Towards a Statistical Framework for Measuring the Sustainability of Tourism (MST), different countries explained their advances in this framework, shared their current priorities, challenges faced and how they are working to overcome them. Moreover, key private stakeholders advocated for more reliable data, including and the subnational level, sooner rather than later. Thank you UNSD and UNWTO for organising this event!

Another event that we would like to recommend is “Big Data Enabling Tourism Competitiveness” organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union where Big Data use, how to, when to, is discussed smartly. 


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